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What is it?

Dry Eye Syndrome results when the eyes are not producing an adequate amount of tears to keep them lubricated. This common condition can result in an itching, burning, inflamed, and/or stinging sensation in the eyes. It can also cause light sensitivity and difficulty wearing contact lenses. It may sound strange, but increased tearing may also be a symptom of Dry Eye Syndrome in some cases.


The eyes’ lacrimal glands can begin to produce excess tears to respond to the irritation that occurs when tear secretion is below normal – so, when the eye is dry, an overflow of tears can result, which disguises the basic dryness that initially caused the excessive tearing. Dry Eye Syndrome can be a very frustrating and debilitating condition. If left untreated, it can lead to severe ocular disease. Some individuals can mistake the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome for allergies or infections, which makes it very important to have an eye exam as quickly as possible once the problems begin.

Image by Luiz Felipe


Envision Eye Specialists offer a variety of dry eye treatments to help patients achieve their best possible outcomes. Restasis is an FDA approved medication used to decrease the inflammation associated with Dry-Eye, thus reducing signs and symptoms.

Dry-Eye Syndrome is chronic and is typically a progressive condition. It may not be fully curable depending on it's underlying cause, but in most cases can be managed successfully. 

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